Tariff of Charges

This list gives a brief description of tariffs charged by NBG Bank Malta Ltd. Charges are subject to revision from time to time. In limited situations, different charges might be applicable.

Click here to view the new Tariff List effective from 1st January 2020

Customer Deposit Accounts

Service Charge
Account Opening Fee Free of Charge
Transfer between accounts held at NBG Bank Malta Free of charge
 Maintaining the Account €10 per account every 6 months
Requesting Statements 1 statement per quarter – free
€10 for each additional statement
 Customised statements/letters for specific purposes €15

Money Transfers

Service Charge
Receiving Money (all currencies) Free
Sending Money in Euros to Other Account in the Single Euro Payment Area
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 Sending Money in Euros in other currencies to any other account €30
Sending Money in other currencies to any other account €30 (or equivalent)
 Cancellations/ amendments/ returns/ investigations and other SWIFT transmitted messages €20 + any third party costs incurred

Instructions for outward transfers should specify whether transaction charges are incurred by the beneficiary ‘BEN’, shared ‘SHA’, or remitter ‘OUR’, as explained below. If instructions do not specify who incurs the charges, these will automatically be set to ‘SHA’.

BEN All transaction charges are to be borne by the beneficiary customer.
OUR All transaction charges (Payer’s, intermediary and Payee’s bank) are to be borne by the ordering customer.
SHA Transaction charges on the Sender’s side to be borne by the ordering customer, transaction charges on the receiver’s side are to be borne by the beneficiary customer.

Handling Fees

Service Charge
 Re-routing of credit transfers to other banks €20 (or equivalent)

Customer Loan Accounts

Service Charge
 Payment of Principal minimum of 1% of the prepayment amount
 Invocation and revocation of hypotech €500
 Late Payment Charge additional 25% of the curent interest rate for days in arrears

Derivative Transactions

Service Charge
 Opening of exchange traded contract 3rd party exchange fee + €5 per contract
 Confirmations Free of Charge
 Monthly position report Free of Charge
 Additional position reports €15 per report

On instances where out of pocket expenses for legal works and researches and postal charges are incurred, these will be payable by the customer.

Financial Experts

Our professional and qualified staff is highly experienced in providing our clients with bespoke financial assistance, recommendations and advice, ensuring an effective and efficient service and most of all a satisfied customer.

No sales culture

While we are on the lookout to ensure that our clients can take up the best opportunities available on the market, we are respectful of our clients and consider hard-selling to go against our customer philosophy.

Customer Focused

Our keen customer skills are well honed and geared towards assisting our clients, as a core priority of our business.

Always Available

We are here to support our clients with their financial needs and decisions as their dependable and trustworthy banking partners.

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