NBG Bank Malta Limited follows business practices which are governed by high ethical standards and focuses on the fundamental importance of respect, sincerity, reliability, honesty and consistency when exercising its activities. The Bank’s principal concern is to respect and protect the relationship with its customers, to provide top quality services and meet their needs.

In light of the above, if you experienced a problem in your banking relationship with us, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are dissatisfied in any way with an issue regarding the services we provide, we invite you to lodge a complaint.

Any complaints may be sent either by email ([email protected]) or by letter addressed to;

NBG Bank Malta Limited

Preluna Business Centre, 1st Floor,

120 Tower Road,

Sliema, SLM 1605,


Alternatively, you may wish to lodge your complaint by completing and submitting the online complaint form, which can be found on this website.

You may also wish to contact us by telephone at: +356 2131 8969.

The Bank will acknowledge safe receipt of your complaint and will duly investigate the complaint. On completion of the investigation, you will receive the relevant outcome within fifteen (15) calendar days from when the complaint is received.

For complaints lodged by individuals or micro-enterprises, in case you are not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation, you have the right to refer the matter to the Office of the Arbiter for Financial Services at:

Office of the Arbiter for Financial Services

First Floor, St Calcedonius Square

Floriana FRN5130


Email: [email protected]

The Office of the Arbiter for Financial Services can only investigate complaints lodged by individuals in their private capacity, including his/her successors in title, or a micro enterprise (i.e. an enterprise which employs fewer than ten persons and whose annual turnover and, or annual balance sheet total does not exceed two million euro (€2,000,000) and cannot investigate complaints lodged by companies and other legal persons.

The submission of a complaint to the Bank does not interrupt the limitation period of legal claims by the complainants.

The processing of any personal data pertaining to a natural person in connection with the Complaints Procedure, shall be done by the Bank in accordance with the requirements of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, repealing the Directive 95/46/EC (the “GDPR”) and any subordinate legislation and regulation implementing the GDPR which may apply.

Please Click here to download the complaint form

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Our professional and qualified staff is highly experienced in providing our clients with bespoke financial assistance, recommendations and advice, ensuring an effective and efficient service and most of all a satisfied customer.

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Customer satisfaction is at the heart of NBG Bank Malta Limited. The Bank is strongly committed to ensure customers avail themselves of the best market available opportunities whilst also providing customers with an outstanding level of service.

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Our keen customer skills are well honed and geared towards assisting our clients, as a core priority of our business.

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